Dr. James S.J. Schwartz

Welcome to my personal homepage (pronouns: they/them)!  I am a full-time philosopher; a full-time space exploration and science fiction nerd; a musical artist; and an amateur carpenter. Here you can find information about my scholarly work, as well as some of my public lectures on ethics of space exploration.

My research focuses on the philosophy and ethics of space exploration, but I also have research interests in philosophy of disability and neurodiversity.

I am author of The Value of Science in Space Exploration (Oxford University Press, 2020), editor (with Linda Billings and Erika Nesvold) of Reclaiming Space: Progressive and Multicultural Visions of Space Exploration (Oxford University Press, forthcoming), and editor (with Tony Milligan) of The Ethics of Space Exploration (Springer 2016).

You can now order the hardcover of The Value of Science in Space Exploration at Oxford University Press for just $41.95! Visit the following link: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/the-value-of-science-in-space-exploration-9780190069063

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