Anyways So Concepts! (Music)

I have been a multiply-neurodivergent singer-songwriter for far longer than I have been a philosopher, although the process of writing an original song and writing a philosophy paper are interestingly similar tasks that I one day hope to write books and teach philosophy classes on.

I record and share my original music under the moniker Anyways, So, Concepts!. My work falls within the “bedroom pop” category, broadly speaking, however I am not a genre-confined musical artist. My songwriting covers topics that include transition, sexual trauma, emotional abuse, caregiver neglect, and any other topic that has made me feel strongly enough to hear what that emotion sounds like. I tend to follow “song ideas” and emotions wherever they lead. My songs are notes about feelings.

You can stream my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, YouTube, Amazon Music, and many other places. If you want to support my musical art, consider purchasing what you like on my Bandcamp, which is the only way you can “buy” any of my music at the moment.

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Jayme with embarrassingly short hair that is fortunately much longer now!