“Near-Earth Resources: Short-Term Limitations with Interstellar Consequences.” Sixth Interstellar Symposium and Advanced Propulsion Workshop, Wichita, KS, November 2019.

“Concepts of Intrinsic Value for Planetary Protection Ethics.” AstroBio2019, Barry Blumberg Memorial Workshop, Green Bank Observatory, July 2019.  My talk starts at 43:50. I am also in the panel discussion on Astrobiology in the Popular Imagination starting at 1:09:21.

“Will Space Mining Save the World?” Inaugural lecture for the Wichita Space Initiative’s Space Exploration Lecture Series, November 2018.

“Worldship Ethics 101: The Shipborn.” Presented at the 2017 Tennessee Valley Interestellar Workshop in October 2017.

“Where No Planetary Protection Policy Has Gone Before.” Presented at the 2016 Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop in March 2016.

“Some Ethical Constraints on Near-Earth Resource Exploitation.” Presented at the 2015 European Space Policy Institute Autumn Conference in September 2015.

“Why Should Philosophers Care About Space Exploration?” Presented to the Wichita State University Philosophy Department in March 2015.